Thou shall not challenge me – Top Album Challenge No. 1/10

A dear friend nominated me. To one of those challenges. I hate those challenges (well: I find the starbucketchallenge quite – funny — and fitting). Anyway: I consider the idea to give people instructions on what to post into their social media feed rather strange and counterproductive to the otherwise intriguing idea of social networks – but well: when we all run out of weather reports and cat videos, one must be given new challenges. Obviously.

I dislike them. And they bore me.

Admittedly, however, I could not by any means resist this one: Being asked to list my top 10 music albums of all time. And so, the SmileIT blog received its new “Music” category, will see 10 posts on great music and if youtube is nice’n’neat, will even see the video link of the respective album in the post.

So – here’s No. 1: The Beatles’ masterpiece “Abbey Road”, because it is – for me – the one and only justifiable transition of music into my beloveth genre of progressive rock; and because it contains George Harrison’s “Something” – a love song of a beauty never again attained by anything else ever written.

Here we go … listen closely: There’s so much to discover!

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