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I was invited to participate in a new facebook game. Everybody knows, I dislike those and wouldn’t participate. A few friends know that I cannot refrain from participating in a musical challenge.

So, what follows now is the collection of “7 days – 7 pieces“.

I proclaimed my overarching theme to be “Rarities”, hence tried my best to find rarely played bands, singers and/or tracks.

Day 1

Sandi Thom – Scottland – Singer/Songwriter:

Or this one: “I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair)”


Day 2

slowfrog – Austria – Progressive Funk on a level pretty unreached – unfortunate that they ceased to exist (well, at the moment):

Day 3

Ever dived into Viennese song tradition? The “Wienerlied” – the typical Viennese folk music – has gone a long and beautiful path through time and – sometimes – world. These days (months, some years actually) there’s a new kind of Viennese folk emerging – well – actually: has already emerged! “Die Strottern” are one of that kind and Peter Ahorner is (one of) their ever-great lyricist. The following needs close listening but may be a bit tough for non-native speakers …

Day 4

When talking about New Folk – new Austrian folk – there’s a band one *must* *not* *miss*. Their music is amongst the most beautiful of music, I’ve heard since long – a crossover of traditional Austrian folk with innovative sounds and arrangements reaching as far as Jazz elements sometimes – undescribable, actually 🙂

Day 5

Doing a huge leap to a completely different genre: Vocalism. To me “The Real Group” is one of the utmost best of its kind. And here comes the song which led me onto their path …:

Day 6

And now for something completely different (again ;)): This is BritPop – or is it Singer/Songwriter? Well … anyway: We used to listen to this without halt during the early 90ies, and to date this record has a special place in my collection – even though musically seen this isn’t much of a bummer, I think – I just love it: Boo Hewredine’s & Darden Smith’s “Evidence”:

Day 7

And finally – no music series without The Beatles. But as rarely anything from the Fab Four is rare, here’s the trick: “Thenewno2” – the intro track of their debut album is the closing track of my little #7days7songs collection (leaving it up to you to guess the Beatles connection ;))


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