Peter Gabriel

Peter Gabriel - fotographed by a mobile

This is a completely non-technical statement. Well – nearly.

We’ve all become so mobilely connected – constantly – that we’ve started forgetting how and when to be present in the very moment — without our phones. I had a highlight in unskillfulness of switching off today. Brought me into thinking bout my so far “best of” in mobile phone misuse. All of the following have really happened, as unbelievable as they may seem …

  • Nr. 5: Young couple in (can’t remember where) seemingly very much in love, holding hands – and their mobiles in the respective other      hand and read … on their own … for minutes
  • Nr. 4: Man to the left of me at today’s concert in Vienna’s states opera house picks up his phone and starts talking. He doens’t give a shit on the special situation until I take the phone literally out of his ear with my hands (I didn’t wanna discuss).
  • Nr. 3: Man goes out of the hotel into his car each morning to do phone calls in a row. It turns out that the mobile is a fake kid’s toy (yes, also this one’s really happened)
  • Nr. 2: The girl in front of me at the recent Paul McCartney concert films 2 songs in a row – fully – right in front of my eyes. I had to take her arms down. She seemingly wasn’t really into stopping recording, I guess.
  • And the unprecedented Nr. 1: Bonnie Raitt sings one of her really seriously deep touching love songs. A man, who has right before run to the front of the stage, starts filming the song right in front of the artists’s eyes. Guitarist asks him to stop. He continues. Until Bonnie Raitt nearly has to interrupt the song to demand him to stop. Whole emotion ruined (bet, he didn’t even notice).

The most important App on our phones is the Switch-Off-App. You don’t have that? Better develop it quickly!

(to be continued)

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