Seconds Out for the Top Album Challenge No. 4/10

No. 4 of my favourite album list right-away moves into the long gone genre of progressive rock. Mind: We might stay with it for waht’s to come up – be warned 😉

And – no – I am not including “Selling England By the Pound” which is without doubt to be considered one of the genre’s cornerstones. Full ack. On the other hand, I could probably have included more or less every one of Genesis’ 70ies albums. I think I chose this one for their monstrous versions of “Firth of Fifth” (unsurprisingly part of the before mentioned “Selling England …”) and “Los Endos” (wonder why I dislike Phil Spector’s sound approach if I do like these ;)). Youtube offers just the album recording – so nothing to watch this time …:

2 thoughts on “Seconds Out for the Top Album Challenge No. 4/10

  1. YES! Seconds Out was one of the first albums I owned and the start of a lifelong love for Genesis. Now, with everything they ever released plus a ton of bootlegs in my collection, Seconds Out is still the favorite. If you want to own only one of their albums, this is the one to go for.

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