Yes, of course, we’re doing a lot of integration work, these days (you might have noticed that those “Automagicians” – which I’m one of – are merging themselves with those “Orsypians”, whereof a new market leader in the Automation space will subsequently emerge; read the Automic blog, if interested in details).

Integration work is a challenge in itself and an interesting one indeed. There’s so many good souls and technicians, so many similarities and yet still enough differences to work on – technically, technologically, financially, from a legal, sales or IT perspective and much more … However: The true challenge in Paris – where one of our new offices is located – is: TRAFFIC!

Main goal: get your flight back home in time!

  • You could of course do it by car. Call a taxi to the La Defense office. Question No. 1: Does the driver know how to find the address (few do). Question No. 2: Is the Périphérique empty enough for the driver to pass through in time (it most certainly is not).
  • You could also pick the RER – can be pure contingency when personal is on strike.

What’s left?

I found an alternative (in case you really – really! I mean it: REALLY – have extremly steady nerves): It is called “moto taxi” and rushes you to the airport in 30 mins at an average speed of 120 between the jammed car rows.

Was it fun? OH YES! And once I had repeated the mantra often enough (“he knows what he does” – “he knows what he does” – “he knows what he does” – …), I even managed to do my checkin on the back seat (as I had forgotten that before)

Paris Moto Taxi - Périphérique
Paris Moto Taxi – Périphérique
Paris Moto Taxi - Périphérique
Paris Moto Taxi – Périphérique


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