Technology adoption curve from a different angle

Ricky El'Qasem Technology Adoption Lifecycle

Ricky El'Qasem Technology Adoption Lifecycle (shared by @rickyelqasem)

We all know that old, famous Gauss distribution curve representing the lifecycle of how new technology and innovation is adopted by the industry:

Technology Adoption Life-Cycle
Technology Adoption Life-Cycle (found at


Later, a guy – Geoffrey Moore – adapted it introducing the chasm, arguably a very strong gap between the visionaries and the pragmatists (I found an interesting interview with the author on Forbes):
Crossing the Chasm – Moore, 1991 (found at

In a recent twitter chat with my friend from old Canopy times, Ricky El-Qasem, he shared his representation of that Gauss curve – which, i believe, should be used as of now as a substitution to the trillion others (just for the sheep in it ;)):

Ricky El'Qasem Technology Adoption Lifecycle
Ricky El’Qasem Technology Adoption Lifecycle (shared by @rickyelqasem)

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