Security – a never ending Cloud story?

Mr Andrej Krenker wrote in the CloudInsider linkedin group:

Why are people afraid of the dark? It is not because they know that there is monster in it, but because they don’t know what is in it. Whenever I am reading or discussing about adoption of “Cloud” and various statistics about it, I am horrified when I see how big the percentage of people that do not buy or adopt cloud services is, due to the reasons that they call security, privacy, risk, fraud

I liked the post and the discussion launched.

Still I think, the answer is fairly simple:

Security is one of the most difficult (i.e. complicated) topics of all – not only with Cloud but in general – not only since Cloud but before – and not only in terms of technique and technology but also in terms of broad (business) understanding. The (partly) inability of cloud providers to deal with security appropriately makes them incapable of dealing with it transparently. Which in turn leads to leak of understanding security with Cloud consumers – hence to resentment. It’s as simple as that. It needs solid understanding of the potential security threats, transparent mitigation – technically as well as explanatory – and sincere honest trust, once things are clearified and transparent. That’s when the debate will stop.

You may want to follow (and participate in) the full discussion.

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